Measuring & threshold control units MDP-1 PLUS

The MDP-1 PLUS models are ready to install (wired) sets of the MDP-1.A/T measuring control units, 12VDC modular power supply unit and a double disconnector, placed in a sealed enclosure (mini switchboard).

The MDP-1.A/T digital measuring control units are designed for use with a single DEX/P, DG/P or a single DEX/F, DEX/A, DG/F or DG.EN dual-threshold gas detector. MDP-1.A/T supplies power and monitors detector outputs providing control of the detector.

When preset concentration values are exceeded, the optical alarm, and relay and voltage alarm outputs of the unit are activated (optional: communication via RS485).

Application area

  • detection systems of toxic or explosive gases (or oxygen);
  • individualized protection of industrial premises or equipment;
  • dispersed gas detection systems.


  • power supply and control of one DEX/P, DG/P or DEX/F, DEX/A, DG/F or DG.EN type dual-threshold detectors;
  • control of the state of the wired connection to the detector (signals the interruption of any wire);
  • configuration of the unit, setting of alarm threshold values (including “window” detection) using the keypad on the front panel;
  • optical indication of signal values (LED display) and states of control outputs A1, A2, A3 and detector failure (LED lights);
  • alarm outputs 12VDC (one for each threshold A1 and A2) - power supply of acoustic and optical signalling devices;
  • relay outputs (galvanically separated, one for A1, A2, A3 and Failures) - control of fans, contactors, information boards;
  • optional: analogue output 4-20mA or 2-10V;
  • optional: port in RS-485 standard, MODBUS RTU protocol; can be ordered in combination with option with analogue output;
  • power supply indicated by an LED;
  • removable, screwless terminals, possibility of using single- or multi-strand cable (without crimping sleeves);
  • the models are equipped with a standard enclosure/ electrical switchgear, IP54;
  • optionally for models equipped with RS-485 port: configuration and visualization of work through dedicated software “DETnet View” - available at

Offered models

Model Maximum number of detectors Power supply backup Supply voltage Net price C/G
MDP-1 PLUS 1 230VAC PLN629.00 N
MDP-1 PLUS/420 1 230VAC PLN699.00 N
MDP-1 PLUS/M Digital RS-485 output 1 230VAC PLN699.00 N
MDP-1 PLUS/M/420 Digital RS-485 output 1 230VAC PLN799.00 N
MDP-1 PLUS/M/V10 Digital RS-485 output 1 230VAC PLN799.00 N
MDP-1 PLUS/V10 1 230VAC PLN699.00 N

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