Product groups

Division of the offer into functional groups

Gas detectors
Devices designed to detect the presence of dangerous gas concentrations
Control units
Control units for gas detectors and other components of gas detection systems
Shut-off valves
Devices for fast and efficient cut-off of gas supply to gas installations
Warning devices
Devices for visual and acoustic signalling of alarm states
Power supplies
Power supply units for components of gas detection systems
Gas sensor modules, housings, covers and other accessories

New products

The latest products added to the offer

DG.EN/M New models
Cost-effective threshold detectors of toxic and combustible gases (also oxygen and Freon HFC) with splash-proof construction and RS-485 bus connectivity
WG.EGx New models
Threshold, autonomous detectors designed to control carbon dioxide (CO2), excess carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2), combustible (LPG/CNG) or Freon (HFC) gases
PS New models
Power supplies with automatic battery (optional) power backup
MS-nE/N New models
Electronic components of threshold detectors, equipped with an electrochemical gas sensor
PS-MR New models
Modules extending functionality of PS power supplies with contact outputs monitoring the presence of output voltage and supply voltage
GC New models
Aluminium, disposable test gas cylinders for the GTS gas test kit