Product groups

Division of the offer into functional groups

Gas detectors
Devices designed to detect the presence of dangerous gas concentrations
Control units
Control units for gas detectors and other components of gas detection systems
Shut-off valves
Devices for fast and efficient cut-off of gas supply to gas installations
Warning devices
Devices for visual and acoustic signalling of alarm states
Power supplies
Power supply units for components of gas detection systems
Gas sensor modules, housings, covers and other accessories

Gas detectors by specified substance/property

List of offered gas detectors in relation to the measurement of the specified substance/property

New products

The latest products added to the offer

testo 316-2 New product
Portable gas detectors designed to detect leaks of low concentration combustible gases from gas and industrial installations
MDD-ZW New product
Addressable control units for MAG-3 shut-off valves in Digital Gas Detection Systems
MD-X.ZWA New product
MAG-3 shut-off valve control units in the Active Gas Safety System (ASBIG®)
TL-4 New product
External LED warning boards
MD-1, MD-2, MD-4 New models
Control and power supply units for 1 or up to 2/4 of DEX/F, DEX/A, DG/F or DG.EN threshold gas detectors
GSM modems New models
Devices designed for remote monitoring of gas detection system status
Modular switchgear RZ PLUS New models
Modular switchgear with TS35 rails, equipped and wired according to customer requirements (ready for installation)