Product groups

Division of the offer into functional groups

Gas detectors
Devices designed to detect the presence of dangerous gas concentrations
Control units
Control units for gas detectors and other components of gas detection systems
Shut-off valves
Devices for fast and efficient cut-off of gas supply to gas installations
Warning devices
Devices for visual and acoustic signalling of alarm states
Power supplies
Power supply units for components of gas detection systems
Gas sensor modules, housings, covers and other accessories
Three-year standard quality warranty! The highest quality is a priority for us. All devices manufactured by GAZEX produced after January 1, 2021 receive a new, free, 3-year quality warranty (not applicable to devices covered by OGG+). Check the new warranty conditions »

New products

The latest products added to the offer

DD New product
DD RS-485
Threshold detectors of toxic and combustible gases (also Freon HFC) used in public buildings (with RS-485 bus connectivity)
DD/AP New product
Household detectors of methane (CH4), propane-butane (LPG), carbon monoxide (CO/chad), carbon dioxide (CO2) or Freon (HFC) gases, monitored by an alarm system
DEX-G New product
ATEX compliant DEX/F, DEX/A or DEX/P detector adaptation for operation in dust explosive areas
GSM New models
Modems GSM
Devices designed for remote monitoring of gas detection system status