Device group: Gas test
Device type: GTS

GTS test sets are designed to check the correct operation of gas detectors manufactured by GAZEX:

by feeding a gaseous test mixture into the measuring chamber of the detector.

The standard GTS sets contain all the necessary components needed to fully gas test the response of a specific type of detector to low reactive gases (e.g. methane, propane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen), i.e:

  • TC test cap suitable for feeding the test gas into the measuring chamber of a given detector type;
  • CHS-03 test gas humidifier (only necessary when testing a detector with a semiconductor sensor);
  • BTL-025 250ml container for humidifying solution (contains 100g of dry NaCl);
  • CFR-05 low-reactive gas regulator with a constant flow rate of 0.5 l/minute, with pressure gauge, for manual mounting on a 58 or 110 litre disposable cylinder of test gas;
  • flexible hoses for low-reactive gases (connecting the test cap to the humidifier and the regulator outlet port);
  • CRC-2 case/bag for transporting and conveniently carrying the entire kit.

A natural supplement to the set is a disposable gas cylinder GC-110 (the choice of the cylinder with the test gas must be made when placing the order - it is not included in the GTS test set) with a test gas capacity of approx. 110 liters of the test mixture (aluminium, with water capacity of approx. 1.7 liters), with stick-on instructions for use.

GTS sets are not optimized for feeding mixtures containing reactive gases, low-concentration gases or organic compound vapours.

Device model: GTS-WG

Technical parameters

Additional parameters
Equipped with TC-WG test cap
200 x 520 x 100 mm
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PLN1,149.00 C


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