Globe valves ZB

Shut-off valves type ZB are fast closing globe valves for use with gas detectors (gas detection systems).

They are opened only manually and closed with an electric impulse (12VDC) or manually with a button. Both the opened and closed positions do not require power supply.

Activation of the valves – i.e. immediate cut-off of gas supply to a device or installation – results from electric impulse from the gas detection system upon gas concentration exceeding the preset threshold..

Area of application

  • in gas installation safety systems: in gas boiler rooms, residential buildings, etc;
  • in low-pressure gas installations;
  • may additionally serve as a manual shut-off cock.


  • both opened and closed positions do not require power supply – they are energy efficient (an electrical pulse of 12V= with a duration of only < 1s is needed to close the valve);
  • insensitive to system supply voltage loss – its absence or momentary disappearance does not cause changes in gas flow through the valve;
  • resistant to any disturbances that may cause the valve to open accidentally when closed (only conscious action by supervisors);
  • low force required to open the valve;
  • simple, cost-effective, reliable and lightweight design;
  • equipped with a mesh filter which guarantees long life;
  • maximum operating pressure 25 kPa (0.25 bar);
  • meets the requirements of PN-EN161.

Offered models

Model Valve diameter Connection Connection diameter Net price C/G
ZB-20 DN20 Threaded 3/4" PLN569.00 S
ZB-25 DN25 Threaded 1" PLN599.00 S
ZB-32 DN32 Threaded 1 1/4" PLN790.00 N
ZB-40 DN40 Threaded 1 1/2" PLN890.00 N
ZB-50 DN50 Threaded 2" PLN990.00 N
ZB-65 DN65 Threaded 2 1/2" PLN1,490.00 N