Power supplies PS

Switch-mode power supplies are designed to supply elements of gas detection systems (control modules, detectors, warning boards and signalling devices) with a nominal supply voltage of 12VDC or 24VDC.

They have a possibility of automatic power backup from an internal gel battery (or a pair of batteries) type AKU.


  • output voltage separated by galvanic separation;
  • possibility to back up the power supply from the internal maintenance-free battery (ordered separately) in case of mains voltage loss;
  • output protection against overload and short circuit;
  • limit of the battery charging current;
  • optical indication of the presence of input and output voltage;
  • optional: module with relay outputs to indicate mains failure and presence of output voltage.

Offered models

Model Output voltage Max. continuous output current / Max. output power Optional battery Net price C/G
PS-3x-1 12VDC 2.9A 3 ÷ 20 Ah PLN399.00 S
PS-4/24 24VDC 4.0A 7 ÷ 17 Ah (2 szt.) PLN699.00 S
PS-7 12VDC 7.0A 7 ÷ 42 Ah PLN699.00 S
Power supplies with SELV circuits
PS-5sv 12VDC 4.6A 7 ÷ 42 Ah PLN719.00 N
PS-4/24sv 24VDC 3.6A 7 ÷ 18 Ah (2 szt.) PLN719.00 N

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