Addressable control units MDD-L32/T

MDD-L32/T digital visualization and control units are designed for status visualization of up to 32 detectors, and for control of other devices (e.g. signalling) through contact outputs (4 pieces) and 12VDC alarm outputs (2 pieces) in Digital Gas Detection System.

Communication with MDD-265/T supervising unit is carried out in industrial standard RS-485 under MODBUS RTU protocol.


  • simple and fast status visualization of up to 32 detectors in the Digital Gas Detection System with MDD-256/T supervisor control unit;
  • communication in RS-485 standard (MODBUS RTU), galvanically isolated port;
  • optical indication of power supply, alarm and emergency states of individual detectors (through the state of 32 sets of 5 LED lights each);
  • optical signaling of relay states of control outputs OUT1, OUT2, OUT3, OUT4;
  • four standard operating modes of the outputs with division into zones;
  • 12VDC alarm outputs for controlling acoustic and optical signaling; optional: configurable according to individual customer needs (as “OUT5” and “OUT6”);
  • in standard: relay outputs (galvanically separated, 4 pieces) to control fans, motors, contactors, information boards or to connect with building/plant automation; optional: configurable according to individual customer needs;
  • very simple, intuitive setup of the system with standardized properties and settings (signaling division into two zones, 16 sets of lights and two contact outputs each);
  • enclosure adapted for mounting on TS35 rail in standard electrical switchgears;
  • configuration of the unit settings via the MDD-256/T control unit – manually using the front panel keypad or via the dedicated “MDD256 View” configuration software, available at

Offered models

Model Maximum number of detectors Power supply backup Supply voltage Net price C/G
MDD-L32/T RS-485 TS35 24VDC PLN399.00 S

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