Modular switchgear RZ PLUS

RZ PLUS modular, electrical switchgears are electrical switchgears, surface mounted, with 1, 2, 3 or 4 mounting rails 35mm. They accommodate devices from 9 to 14 modules wide on each rail. The price of the switchgear includes a lump sum cost of mounting devices inside the switchgear, the cost of standard internal wiring and a power switch.

Their use is particularly recommended for customers expecting quick installation and quick start-up of elements of Digital Gas Detection Systems (DGDS) or other detection systems with extensive control functions.


  • splash-proof, surface-mounted enclosure (IP65), with transparent door (for each rail);
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 TS35 mounting rails, 9 or 14 modules wide;
  • maximum capacity: RZ9 PLUS = 9 modules, RZ18 PLUS = 18 modules, RZ28 PLUS = 28 modules, RZ42 PLUS = 42 modules, RZ56 PLUS = 56 modules;
  • rails can be mounted at different depths (e.g. for mounting more RM1P6 with a width of 1/3 mod. - not applicable to RZ9 PLUS);
  • rubber cable ports (standard or optional: according to type and number of installed devices);
  • standard installation and wiring of all internal devices – included in the price of switchgear;
  • double (supply 230VAC) or single switch (supply 12/24VDC).

Offered models

Model Dimensions Net price C/G
RZ18 PLUS 430 x 270 x 155 mm PLN429.00 C
RZ28 PLUS 320 x 440 x 145 mm PLN599.00 C
RZ42 PLUS 320 x 600 x 145 mm PLN899.00 C
RZ56 PLUS 320 x 750 x 145 mm PLN999.00 C
RZ9 PLUS 200 x 190 x 105 mm PLN329.00 C