Threshold control units MD-1.A/T

Control Unit type MD-1.A/T is designed to work with gas detector types DEX/F, DG/F or DG.EN produced by GAZEX. It is used to build large Gas Detection Systems.

Application scope

  • local toxic, oxygen or explosive gas detection systems
  • individual protection installations in individual areas
  • dispersed gas detection systems


  • one gas detector input for DEX/F, DG/F or DG.EN type (power supply with current limitation and connection control)
  • status control of the wired connection to the detector (signals interruption of any wire)
  • visual alarm states and control outputs (without memory)
  • A1, A2 - 12VDC alarm outputs for the external signaling devices
  • separated relay outputs (one for each threshold) for the external signaling devices or fans steering
  • case for mounting in standard cabinets (35mm DIN rail)
  • outputs functionally compatible with control units outputs type MD-2 (4,8,16) (but no FAILURE output and no remote control input)
  • 12V DC supply (with LED signalization)

Block diagram

Offered models

Model Maximum number of detectors Power supply backup Supply voltage Net price C/G
MD-1.A/T TS35 1 12VDC PLN179.00 S

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