Swing valves MAG-3

MAG-3 is a swing valve in the Active Gas Safety System GX which automatically cuts off the gas supply and eliminates the risk of explosion of natural gas or propane-butane.

MAG-3 BIO versions are designed to work with landfill biogas or sewage treatment plants.

Area of application

  • in systems protecting gas installations: in gas boiler rooms, public buildings, etc;
  • external gas reduction and measurement points (working pressure up to 0.5 MPa);
  • cogeneration systems in sewage treatment plants or landfill sites (MAG-3 BIO models).


  • both open and closed positions do not require power supply – they are energy efficient (an electrical pulse of 12VDC with a duration of < 1s is only needed to close the valve);
  • insensitive to system supply voltage loss – its absence or momentary disappearance does not cause changes in gas flow through the valve;
  • resistant to any disturbances that may cause its accidental opening when closed (only conscious action by supervisors);
  • low force required to open the valve;
  • simple, cost-effective, reliable and lightweight design;
  • long life;
  • can be used in explosive atmospheres in accordance with the ATEX Directive.

Offered models

Model Valve diameter Connection Connection diameter Net price C/G
MAG-3/DN32 Ex DN50 Flanged DN32 PLN1,349.00 S
MAG-3/DN40 Ex DN50 Flanged DN40 PLN1,349.00 S
MAG-3/DN50 Ex DN50 Flanged DN50 PLN1,349.00 S
MAG-3/DN65 Ex DN100 Flanged DN65 PLN2,399.00 S
MAG-3/DN80 Ex DN100 Flanged DN80 PLN2,399.00 S
MAG-3/DN100 Ex DN100 Flanged DN100 PLN2,399.00 S
Designed for biogas
MAG-3/DN32-BIO Ex DN50 Flanged DN32 PLN1,749.00 N
MAG-3/DN40-BIO Ex DN50 Flanged DN40 PLN1,749.00 N
MAG-3/DN50-BIO Ex DN50 Flanged DN50 PLN1,749.00 N
MAG-3/DN65-BIO Ex DN100 Flanged DN65 PLN2,899.00 N
MAG-3/DN80-BIO Ex DN100 Flanged DN80 PLN2,899.00 N
MAG-3/DN100-BIO Ex DN100 Flanged DN100 PLN2,899.00 N