DG-11.EN/M Digital RS-485 output

Device group: Threshold gas detectors
Device type: DG.EN/M

The economical, digital detector DG.EN/M is designed for continuous monitoring of gas concentration in enclosed spaces. Upon exceeding the preset gas concentration level:

  • the optical alarm signalization turns on
  • the alarm information is sent via network in RS-485 standard (MODBUS RTU protocol) to the control module (e.g. MDD-256/T).

DG.EN/M has an detachable sensor module with carbon monoxide, methane, propane-butane or HFC sensor. Interchangeable sensor module streamlines maintenance, simplifies calibration and reduces operating costs.

Scope of application

  • industrial area or installations individual protection
  • dispersed gas detection systems
  • factories, logistic centers, public buildings
  • garages and underground parking - ventilation control, and warning of the LPG/CNG discharge or CO presence
  • rooms at risk of excess oxygen (oxygen therapy, HFNO)


  • communication, control and transfer of information through the RS-485 network with MODBUS RTU protocol;
  • measurement of averaged concentration of carbon monoxide or threshold detection of explosive gases;
  • semiconductor gas sensor in intelligent, exchangeable module;
  • built-in microprocessor control provides reliability, stability, thermal compensation system, the history of alarm events, semi-automatic address control;
  • 3 or 2 alarm thresholds for CO / explosive gas;
  • robust, splash-proof housing with high impact ABS (option: polycarbonate or aluminum);
  • all detectors are calibrated in our own GAZEX Calibration Laboratory operating in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 (PCA accreditation No AP150).

Block diagram of the system

Device model: DG-11.EN/M

Technical parameters

Gas sensor module Sensor Substance/property Standard alarm thresholds or measuring range
MS-11.EG Semiconductor Methane (CH4)

Output in RS-485 standard
Visual signalling, built-in
Supply voltage
82 x 95 x 68 mm
Net price
449.00 zł N


Series Technical data Device information sheet Instruction manual Declaration of conformity
U2 Download file

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