Device group: Gas test
Device type: GTS

Testing caps TC – test gas supply caps for gas detectors:

  • DEX/F, DEX/A, DEX/P – TC-DEX model,
  • DG/F, DG/P, DG/PV, DG/M – TC-DG model,
  • WG.EG, WG.EGx, WG.NG, WG.EN, DG.EN, DG.EN/M – TC2-WG model,

when checking the correct operation of these devices. Offered separately is a gas tube for low reactive gases, and for TC-DEX and TC-DG also a tube for reactive gases;

CHS gas humidifier – test gas humidifier – necessary only when testing a detector with a semiconductor sensor – polycarbonate humidifier + 0.5m low-reactive gas line + humidifier solution container included;

CFR-05 – low-reactive gas regulator with a constant flow rate of 0.5 l/minute, with pressure gauge, for manual installation on a 50 or 110l disposable cylinder of test gas;

250ml container – moisturizing solution container 250ml – contains 100g of dry NaCl;

CRC-2 – black case/bag for transporting and conveniently carrying the entire gas test kit – equipped with a gas cylinder compartment with a regulator, a test cap pocket with a hose, a pocket for the humidifier container and regulator box and a shoulder strap.

The TC-DEX cap, in accordance with the EC Type Examination Certificate No. KDB 04ATEX133X together with Supplementary Certificates (for the DEX detector), can be used in zones 1 or 2, with an explosion hazard of gases group IIA or IIB.

Device model: CHS

Technical parameters

Additional parameters
Test gas humidifier
70 x 200 x 70 mm
Net price
169.00 zł C

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