Visual and acoustic warning devices SL-32

SL-32 sirens are designed for visual and acoustic signalling of alarm conditions on 12VDC alarm outputs of MD, MDP, MDD type control modules or WG.NG and AirTECH type detectors.

SL-32v24 version sirens (powered by 24VDC) can be used in systems with MDD control units or industrial installations.

Alarm devices have a splash-proof construction – they can be used both inside and outside buildings.

Functional features

  • light source: high-performance LEDs;
  • extremely high durability and reliability;
  • very low power consumption;
  • piezoceramic acoustic transducers;
  • independent control of acoustic and visual signalling, 3 terminals;
  • splash-proof housing - for outdoor use.

Offered models

Model Signalling Supply voltage Net price C.g.
SL-32 + 12VDC PLN129.00 S
SL-32v24 + 24VDC PLN129.00 N
Model Signalling Supply voltage Dimensions Net price C.g.
SL-32 + 12VDC 85 x 85 x 60 mm PLN129.00 S
SL-32v24 + 24VDC 85 x 85 x 60 mm PLN129.00 N