Digital bus terminal boxes CB-3

CB-3 terminal boxes are designed for use in Digital Gas Detection System with addressable detectors (with RS-485 bus). The use of the boxes allows:

  • connecting to the digital bus an additional cable connecting to the detector or additional device (standard length up to 12m - or more in “serial” configuration);
  • using a separate, additional 24V= power supply cable on the bus (up to 2.5 mm2);
  • attaching additional devices/detectors to the existing bus (“insert” on the bus).

The box is equipped with a set of 5 pcs. of 3-jack connectors for connecting single- or multi-wire wires constituting the RS-485 bus.


  • A set of 5 reliable WAGO installation connectors;
  • the connectors allow to realize connection of different types of wires with different cross-sections – single wire, cable, from 0.2 to 4 mm2;
  • possibility of quick, physical disconnection of specific cables from the bus – simplifies bus diagnostics;
  • glandless, sealed casing (IP55) with diaphragm seals;
  • clear internal mounting;
  • simple wall mounting (external brackets);
  • sold exclusively in sets of 6 sets of terminal boxes.

Block diagram

Offered models

Model Dimensions Net price C.g.
6CB-3 97 x 85 x 40 mm PLN99.00 C
Model Dimensions Net price C.g.
6CB-3 97 x 85 x 40 mm PLN99.00 C