Addressable control units MDD-1

MDD-1 are interface modules used to connect one continuous measuring DEX/P, DG/P or threshold DEX/F, DG/F, DG.EN type detector to Digital Gas Detection Systems using RS-485 bus.

Devices connect to the digital RS-485 bus and limit the power and voltage supplied to the detector. Mounting outside the explosion hazard zone.


  • one DEX/P (or DG/P) or one DEX/F (or DG/F or DG.EN) threshold type measuring detector can be connected – with the possibility of switching off the detector power supply (function switch);
  • RS-485 port, galvanically isolated, MODBUS RTU protocol;
  • in the Digital Gas Detection System the connection module is treated as “detector”;
  • contact-free testing;
  • signalling a failure in the signal line to the detector;
  • 24VDC supply;
  • connection capability anywhere on the digital bus;
  • very simple and fast connection/installation;
  • possibility of setting up an RS-485 network terminator;
  • all terminals are screwless, removable; detector and bus power terminals with the possibility of connecting multi-strand wires (no crimping of sleeves) enable very simple and quick connection/installation, easy maintenance;
  • sealed, mechanically resistant ABS/PC enclosure;
  • configuration of module settings via the dedicated “DETnet View” configuration software, available at

Offered models

Model Maximum number of detectors Power supply backup Supply voltage Net price C/G
MDD-1 RS-485 1 24VDC PLN99.00 C