Additional control units MD-X.ZWA

Microprocessor control units MD-X.ZWA are designed to control MAG-3 shut-off valves in the Active Gas Safety Systems (ASBIG®) type GX manufactured by GAZEX.

They enable control of multiple MAG-3 valves from remote gas detection systems. They can control other valves with a COD type release coil or a coil with similar parameters. They work with all GAZEX MD type alarm units (regardless of version and date of production) or other systems with alarm output control 12VDC.

Unit is a functional replacement for MD-X.ZA/2 and MD-X.ZA24/2 models.

Area of application

  • industrial and housing estate gas-fired boiler plants;
  • public buildings;
  • halls heated by gas radiators;
  • warehouses and logistics centers.


  • possibility to control up to four MAG-3 valves (max 2 for each output);
  • long cable connection with the detection system (distance between MD-X.ZWA and the system up to approx. 200÷400m);
  • universal power supply 12/24VDC;
  • relay output FAULT monitoring status (for all of the following): signals damage, no connection of any valve, no confirmation of valve closing (if valve with closing control), faulty internal battery, and no or incorrect supply voltage;
  • two inputs to confirm closing status of valves with end relay;
  • possibility of manual testing of valves (button under cover);
  • possibility of dividing into 2 input/output zones; galvanic separation of inputs;
  • compatibility with all MD modules and non-Gazex systems (with control output 5…30VDC);
  • optical and acoustic signalling (with memory – deletion by manual button on the cover);
  • signalling of the lack of valve connection;

Offered models

Model Maximum number of detectors Power supply backup Supply voltage Net price C.g.
MD-X.ZWA 12/24VDC PLN569.00 S
Model Maximum number of detectors Alarm control outputs 12VDC Contact control outputs Emergency control output Output controlling the shut-off valve Alarm inputs Analogue 4-20mA output Analogue 2-10V output Digital RS-485 output Mounting on a TS35 rail Power supply backup Supply voltage Dimensions Net price C.g.
MD-X.ZWA 2 12/24VDC 190 x 165 x 96 mm PLN569.00 S