Device group: Shut-off valves
Device type: ZM

Butterfly valves ZM are shut-off valves, consisting of an interlocking throttle and an electric drive powered by 230VAC voltage. They can be part of the Automatic Shut-Off System eliminating the risk of explosion of natural gas, biogas, hydrogen or ammonia in industrial facilities.

The electric control enables quick and effective closing of the gas supply to the installations/networks with large cross-sections.

Area of application

  • high-power gas-fired boiler plants,
  • industrial gas installations.


  • any gas flow direction;
  • flangeless construction and simplified assembly;
  • considerably less weight compared to ball valves (e.g. DN150: only 15 kg), easy transport;
  • special internal sealing ring eliminates the use of external flange gaskets;
  • negligible pressure drop, little gas flow disturbance;
  • low torque - possibility of using single-phase low power actuators (for valves with max. DN500 diameter);
  • possibility of selecting gaskets for aggressive media;
  • max working pressure 1 MPa (10 bar) – standard version; on request: 0.3 MPa, 0.6 MPa or 1.6 MPa;
  • no maintenance requirement – many years of failure-free operation.

Device model: ZM/DN125-BIO

Technical parameters

Valve diameter
Nominal pressure
1.0 MPa
Connection diameter
Direction of gas flow
any direction, any position of installation
Opening / closing the valve
electric (230VAC; closing time <12 sec.) or manually
Standard equipment
electric motor, manual closing knob, clamping chamber, cable entry
Resistance to biogas
280 x 550 x 160 mm
EAN Code
Net price
€1,099.00 N


Series Technical data Device information sheet Instruction manual Declaration of conformity
od 2022
od 2017