MDP-1.A/TM/V10 Digital RS-485 output TS35

Product model withdrawn from sale

Device group: Measuring & threshold control units
Device type: MDP-1.A/T

Microprocessor-controlled Control Unit type MDP-1.A/T was designed to work with single gas detector type DEX/P, DG/P (also type DEX/F, DEX/A, DG/F, DG.EN) produced by GAZEX.

MDP-1.A/T periodically measures and checks detector signal. When the gas concentration exceeds the preset threshold the visual alarm turns on, the control outputs are activated and the alarm information can be sent over the RS-485 port with MODBUS Protocol (model MDP-1.A/TM).

Scope of application

  • local toxic, oxygen or explosive gas detection systems
  • individual protection installations in industrial areas
  • dispersed detection systems


  • one gas detector input (for DEX/DG/P or DEX/A or DEX/DG/F type), power supply with current limitation and connection control
  • gas concentration value LED display and steering outputs (A1, A2, A3 and fault) status optical signalization (LEDs)
  • A1, A2 alarms 12VDC separate outputs for the external signaling devices
  • separated relay outputs ( A1, A2, A3 and fault) for the external signaling devices or fans steering; pluggable connectors;
  • keyboard for operation;
  • option MDP-1.A/TM: communication port RS-485 (MODBUS RTU Protocol), remote control, diagnostics and identification of gas detector in local net;
  • option MDP-1.A/TM/420 (or /V10): 4-20mA (or 2-10V) analog output
  • case for mounting in standard cabinets (TS35 DIN rail)
  • 12VDC supply (with LED signalization)

Device model: MDP-1.A/TM/V10

Technical parameters

Maximum number of detectors
Alarm control outputs 12VDC
Contact control outputs
Emergency control output
Analogue 2-10V output
Digital RS-485 output
Mounting on a TS35 rail
Supply voltage
106 x 90 x 65 mm
EAN Code


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