Device group: Auxiliary accessories
Device type: GSM

GSM modems are a set designed to remotely monitor the status of a gas detection system with control modules manufactured by GAZEX.

The set consists of a modem with a built-in control and power cable, an external GSM antenna with a flexible connecting cable and a connecting cable with a USB port of a PC.

Once the modem is connected to the module’s terminal strip, any change in the status of the module’s contact outputs or the shut-off valve causes a text message (SMS) to be sent to the GSM cell phone number(s) selected by the user.


  • Dual-band GSM modem for 2G or 4G network cooperation, with nano SIM card slot (any operator);
  • 8 currentless binary inputs - possibility of notification via SMS about a change of state on any of the inputs;
  • connection cable - one end connected in the modem, the other end prepared for connection and power supply from specific control unit terminals or system power supply (12/24V);
  • possibility of simple setting up to 8 phone numbers accepting SMS alarms (programming via SMS sent to the modem equipped with an active SIM card or configuration via PC);
  • possibility to configure modem parameters using a PC (via USB input including modification of many custom functionalities, control of 4 OC type outputs);
  • USB Micro-B/USB connection cable included.

Device model: GSM-M8

Technical parameters

Supply voltage
126 x 158 x 47 mm
EAN Code
Net price
PLN899.00 C


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