Portable gas detectors Testo 316-2

Testo 316-2 detectors are designed to detect leakage of low concentration gases from gas and industrial installations. They are recommended for maintenance of domestic and industrial gas installations/equipment, automotive LPG supply systems, etc.

The devices are of normal construction and cannot be used in areas defined as explosive gas, liquid vapour or dust explosion hazard.


  • built-in battery - working time at full charge approx. 6 hours;
  • short response time t90 < 2 s (built-in suction pump);
  • high sensitivity to explosive gases (lower response threshold – 10 ppm);
  • switch to choose the detected gas: methane, propane, hydrogen;
  • flexible, long measuring probe;
  • 18-segment LCD display + battery charge indicator;
  • two alarm levels;
  • a switch for acoustic signalling and an external receiver (standard);
  • built-in semiconductor sensor (service life approx. 3 years);
  • optional: FT-316 case containing the detector, charger, handset, user manual.