UMS-3/T TS35

Product model withdrawn from sale

Device group: Additional control units
Device type: UMS-3/T

UMS-3/T universal control and power supply units are designed to work with detectors and control units from GAZEX. They enable extension/conversion of control outputs, and supply 12VDC to selected devices. They enable building local, small, cost-effective and easy to install gas detection systems. They are designed for installation in electrical switchgears on TS35 rail.

Area of application

  • conversion of 230VAC voltage output of DG.EN and WG.EG detectors to 12VDC/0.8A voltage and/or NC/NO switch relays (3 outputs);
  • conversion of voltage outputs 12VDC detectors/control units to switchable relay outputs NC/NO (3 independent outputs);
  • supply of detectors, signalling devices, warning boards or other devices with 12VDC.


  • mounting on TS35 rail (in standard electrical switchgear);
  • built-in power supply 12VDC/0.8A (non-stabilised);
  • 3 independent 12VDC controlled relays with NC/NO switchable contact output;
  • optical signalling;
  • indication of relay state;
  • relay outputs with load capacity 4A/230VAC or 24VDC.

Device model: UMS-3/T

Technical parameters

Contact control outputs
Mounting on a TS35 rail
Supply voltage
68 x 135 x 65 mm


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