Device group: Warning boards
Device type: TP-4.s

TP-4.s illuminated warning boards are designed to warn users of premises (typically garages) of the alarm signaled by WG detectors (underground garages) or MD type control modules (toxic gas detection systems) manufactured by GAZEX.

Warning boards come with default warning or communication signs (standard or customized to Client’s requirements) displayed on illumination (in alarm mode).

Devices cannot be used in premises identified as zones with explosive atmosphere risk.


  • modern, legible displays (standard font height - 35mm)
  • signs invisible when not illuminated, displayed when power is on
  • eye-catching pulsating red illumination
  • light source: high-capacity LED diodes; sound: small buzzer
  • high resistance and reliability, very low energy consumption
  • 3-wire connection (with- or without siren)
  • two-element structure: TP-4.As board + power adapter 12VDC in a connecting box (TPZ-4)
  • simple installation on walls (can be suspended - double-sided version)
  • /H0 models – any inscription, according to specification: 2 rows of inscriptions, 20 characters max. per row.

Device model: TP-4.A24s/H0

Technical parameters

Visual signalling
pulsating, red
Information lettering
(according to the order)
Acoustic signaling
65 dB/1m
Supply voltage
555 x 155 x 23 mm
EAN Code
Net price
PLN399.00 N


Series Technical data Device information sheet Instruction manual Declaration of conformity
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