Device group: Warning boards
Device type: TL-4

TL-4 warning boards are designed to visually present the alarm status appearing at the control outputs of WG detectors or MDD control modules (exhaust gas control systems in underground garages).

They are equipped with a sequential warning sign „NADMIAR / SPALIN” („Dangerous level of exhaust gases”) and the outline of a road sign [no entry]. The inscription and sign appear only in the active state (in the alarm state of the exhaust gas control system). The inscription is legible even in full sunlight due to powerful LEDs.

Boards are designed to be placed above the gate/entry to the underground garage, outside the building. They cannot be used in spaces defined as explosion hazard zones of gases, vapours or dusts.


  • modern visual form, legible inscription (letter height 60 mm);
  • the inscription consists of strongly red LEDs and appears when the power is switched on;
  • the words appear sequentially with the outline of the road sign [entry ban] – they draw the attention of the observer;
  • light source: high-performance LEDs with high durability and reliability;
  • very low power consumption;
  • low voltage version: TL-4.A/H3 – universal supply 12/24VDC;
  • TL-4/H3 – two-part construction: TL-4.A/H3 board + TPZ-4 12VDC power supply unit (in a junction box with flexible, flat passages);
  • aesthetic wall mounting (2 mounting points, connection and connection cable under the tilting panel);
  • optionally available: metal top cover with spikes to prevent birds from sitting (APTK).

Active status preview

Device model: TL-4.A/H3

Technical parameters

Visual signalling
black letters on an illuminated yellow background
Information lettering
NADMIAR SPALIN (words appear sequentially every ~1 sec.)
Supply voltage
560 x 155 x 60 mm
EAN Code
Net price
PLN429.00 C


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