Sensor mTX-NO2

Sensor mTX-NO2

Device model: Sensor mTX-NO2
Device type: miniTOX 3x

MiniTOX 3x portable gas detectors are designed to measure concentrations of toxic and explosive gases, and oxygen.

Built-in microprocessor and innovative software enable simultaneous monitoring of concentrations from one to four gases, two adjustable alarm thresholds, TWA and STEL values for toxic gases, archiving the results from the last 10 hours of operation in the internal memory, and communication with a PC.

MiniTOX 3x should be used wherever there is a danger of poisoning or explosion. Typically such places are: sewage treatment plants, inspection wells and sewers, telecommunication wells, rooms with ammonia installation, gas installation, boiler rooms, breweries, etc.


  • quick response with an audible alarm;
  • sensitive catalytic, electrochemical or optical sensors (Infra-Red);
  • comfortable LCD display with backlighting;
  • ergonomic keyboard (thumb operation);
  • measurement/alarm memory;
  • optional: RS232 port with software to read data;
  • acoustic performance indicator;
  • all sensors are calibrated in our own GAZEX Calibration Laboratory operating in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 (PCA accreditation No AP150).
Product withdrawn from sale

Technical parameters

Sensor Substance/property Standard alarm thresholds or measuring range
Electrochemical Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
0 ÷ 20

Dimensions (W x H x D)