Device group: Threshold sensor modules
Device type: MS-nK/N, MS-nKL/N

MS sensor modules contain the gas sensor and all the necessary electronic components for their calibration.

If calibration is necessary, the user can remove the sensor module and send it for calibration, and replace it with another one already calibrated. These operations are carried out without having to dismantle the detector from the installation. This unique technical solution makes the operation of gas detection systems much easier and cheaper.

Sensor modules are equipped with a microprocessor and log the sensor’s operating parameters such as: number of alarms, operating time in alarm states, the number of overruns of measuring ranges and possible emergency states. During calibration, it is possible to trace the conditions in which the detectors work and, if necessary, make corrections in the settings of operating parameters of the systems, or propose a change of sensors to other, more suitable for specific conditions in the monitored object. In the case of a change of plant conditions and/or hazardous substances, there is no need to replace the detection system - it is enough to replace the sensor modules with those suitable for the new conditions, which is a simpler, quicker and more cost-effective solution.

Device model: MS-15.KL/N

Technical parameters

Sensor Substance/property Standard alarm thresholds or measuring range
Catalytic Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

In the detector
Additional parameters
Replacement for MS-15.K/N, MS-15K
Net price
PLN700.00 C
Calibration net price
PLN119.00 C