Device group: Additional control units
Device type: MDPL1

Interface unit MDPL1 is a device used for connecting the DEX/P detector (types: P6…, P4…) manufactured by GAZEX to other manufacturers’ measurement systems with active 4-20 mA current loop.

The device limits the power and the voltage supplied to DEX/P detector head up to the limit values allowed in the ATEX Directive EC-Type Examination Certificate, i.e. Pi = 2 W, Ui = 15 V DC.


  • the possibility of connecting one DEX/P head to one measurement system’s input
  • 4-20 mA output (passive)
  • current loop line error indication (Io ≤ 0,5mA or Io ≥ 21mA)
  • 24 V DC supply voltage
  • watertight, robust metallic enclosure
  • very simple and fast connection/installation

Block diagram

Device model: MDPL1

Technical parameters

Maximum number of detectors
Emergency control output
Analogue 4-20mA output
Supply voltage
66 x 160 x 49 mm
EAN Code
Net price
PLN199.00 C


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