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Device group: Voice alarm warning devices
Device type: GS-2

The siren/loudspeaker GS-2 is designed to play recorded verbal warning messages upon alarms in the two-threshold gas detection systems made by GAZEX.

The siren can be used in large enclosed spaces allowing the transmission of clear messages to those who should be warned of alarms in the system of gas detection.

GS-2 cannot be used in areas designated as “zone of danger of explosion”.

Example voice messages (in polish)


  • High efficiency, broadband built-in speaker;
  • 2 independent sequences of alarm (warning signal plus verbal alarm message) each about 20 seconds. + additional message about the failure of the system (standard version);
  • possibility of duplication of messages on many additional siren (GS-2d);
  • additional circuitry can be locally connected to mute each of the signaling message;
  • SD memory slot for programming spoken messages (only GS-2) - choice of about 30 versions of the message (using the optional software.);
  • optional – the ability to configure the control inputs (number of messages) and create your own user messages (configuration software for editing and warning signals and messages);
  • High durability and reliability;
  • Easy assembly (base: 2 point mounting, the speaker: snap to base).

Device model: GS-2d

Technical parameters

Acoustic signaling
voice announcements, max 85dB/1m; manual adjustment
Additional parameters
Additional loudspeaker
Supply voltage
115 x 115 x 70 mm


Series Technical data Device information sheet Instruction manual Declaration of conformity
od 2016
od 2011 Download file