Device group: Concentration-measuring gas detectors
Device type: DG/PV

DG/PV are designed to measure and monitor dangerous concentrations of toxic and explosive gases (and oxygen) in the air in enclosed industrial spaces. They have an interchangeable module with a measuring sensor.

They are designed to cooperate with control units (systems) of various manufacturers requiring detectors with active current output 4-20mA or voltage output 2-10V.

DG/PV detectors have a standard casing and cannot be used in areas classified as explosive gas, vapor or dust zones.

(Note: DG/PV detectors are not intended for use with MDP, MDA or MDD type modules).


  • interchangeable gas sensor;
  • 2 outputs: current in standard 4-20mA (active, i.e. emitting current) and voltage 2-10V;
  • built-in signaling of exceeding the measuring and temperature range, operating time counter, history of emergency states and signalling the end of calibration;
  • thermal compensation system (can be used under changing environmental conditions);
  • short detector response time;
  • built-in optical signalling (2 LED lights);
  • removable terminals with the possibility of embedding single and multi wire conductors (without crimping the sleeves);
  • splash-proof gas sensor cover IP44 (in recommended mounting position);
  • additional mechanical shield made of profiled tubes available - type AR-1d (installation in zones exposed to mechanical damage, e.g. warehouses, wholesalers, parking lots);
  • possibility of being equipped with an enclosure to be placed on a ventilation duct (option DG/w);
  • sensor modules for DG/PV and DG/P are interchangeable (different modules can be used for the same DG/PV body) – however, the installation conditions for individual gas must be taken into account;
  • all detectors are calibrated in our own GAZEX Calibration Laboratory operating in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 (PCA accreditation No AP150).

Block diagram

Device model: DG-PV8R

Technical parameters

Gas sensor module Sensor Substance/property Standard alarm thresholds or measuring range
MS-P8R/N Infra-red Carbon dioxide (CO2)
0 ÷ 5

Output in 4-20mA standard
Output in 2-10V standard
Visual signalling, built-in
Supply voltage
110 x 140 x 55 mm
EAN Code
Net price
PLN1,949.00 N


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