DG-P0E.HCN/MR Digital RS-485 output

Device group: Concentration-measuring gas detectors
Device type: DG-P/MR

Digital DG-P/MR detectors are designed for continuous monitoring of gases indoors. The detector performs cyclic measurements of the gas concentration in ambient air . When preset concentration values are exceeded (for a threshold version), the detector’s optical alarm signaling is activated, the built-in relays change their status and the information is transferred to a digital control module (for the measurement version the concentration value) - using a network in the industrial standard RS-485. The detectors are designed for operation in the Digital Gas Detection System.

The detectors have an exchangeable module with a semiconductor, electrochemical or optical sensor (Infra-Red). The interchangeability of the sensory modules improves maintenance, simplifies calibration and reduces operating costs.

The DG-P/MR detectors are of standard design and cannot be used in areas classified as explosive atmospheres of gases, vapours or dust.

Area of application

  • industrial plants, logistics centres, public facilities;
  • extensive rooms at risk of toxic or explosive gas emissions with locally controlled sirens.


  • communication, control and transmission of information through the port in RS-485 standard, with MODBUS RTU protocol;
  • two alarm thresholds or measurement mode (for electrochemical sensors and Infra-Red);
  • two built-in relays with NO/NC contact, on a removable board (for A1 and A2 state, possibility of threshold adjustment in the measurement mode);
  • sensor in an interchangeable intelligent module (interchangeable with DG/F and DG/P type detectors);
  • sensor can be selected for the application;
  • short detector response time;
  • built-in control microprocessor means reliable and stable operation;
  • thermal compensation system;
  • history of alarm states;
  • semi-automatic addressing in digital network (without opening the housing);
  • removable, screwless terminals with possibility of connecting two FTP wires;
  • selective LED optical optimization;
  • two cable entries – easy connection of successive detectors (loop-through);
  • optionally, the possibility of being equipped with an additional casing made of steel pipes (AR-1d) or a casing for ventilation ducts (DG/w version);
  • configuration of detector settings via dedicated software “DETnet View”, available at https://www.gazex.pl/en/software/;
  • all detectors are calibrated in our own GAZEX Calibration Laboratory operating in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 (PCA accreditation no. AP150).

Device model: DG-P0E.HCN/MR

Technical parameters

Gas sensor module Sensor Substance/property Standard alarm thresholds or measuring range
MS-P0E.HCN/N Electrochemical Hydrogen cyanide (HCN)
0 ÷ 30

Contact control outputs
Output in RS-485 standard
Visual signalling, built-in
Supply voltage
110 x 140 x 55 mm
Net price


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