Portable gas detectors pSENSE

The pSENSE detectors are used to measure carbon dioxide concentration up to 2000/3000 ppm and ambient temperature. pSENSE RH version also measures humidity in the range 0-99%. Both pSENSE detectors uses CO2 optical sensors (NDIR - NonDispersive Infra Red). All functions are controlled by a microprocessor. This simplifies operation, allows for miniaturization and eliminates all the control elements. Detectors are equipped with protective cases.


  • diagnostics of ventilation systems in office buildings,
  • mushroom growing facilities,
  • greenhouses,
  • detection of CO2 based extinguishing media leaks.

Offered models

Model Sensor Substance/property Standard alarm thresholds or measuring range Supply voltage Net price C/G
Infra-red Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Temperature (T)
Humidity (RH)
0 ÷ 5000
0 ÷ 60
0 ÷ 95
899.00 zł C

Detection of substance/property in other areas or other substances/properties is possible = special execution, requires consultation.
In special cases, it is possible to select the detector parameters for a specific application = required analysis of the conditions of use.