Additional control units MD-X.ZM

MD-X.ZM units are designed for manual and automatic control of the ZM butterfly valve with 230VAC electric drive in the Automatic Cut-Off System.

MD-X.ZM is compatible with:
- butterfly valve type ZM with single-phase 230VAC drive (drive E50, E60, E100 or E65, E110) or three-phase 400VAC drive (via additional contactors),
- ball valve with EL-O-Matic rotary mechanism (single-phase drive EL100-800)
- or a valve with other single-phase electric drive having the same control and connection method (with limit switches).

Area of application

  • industrial gas-fired boiler plants,
  • installation of large gas consumers.


  • 230VAC voltage outputs to control valve closing and opening (or 3-phase motor contactors);
  • voltage control inputs 12VDC: valve closing and opening;
  • manual valve closing and opening with buttons on the front panel;
  • optical indication of valve status (opening, closing, opening, closing);
  • 12VDC alarm outputs for opening or closing state – to connect sirens e.g. piezoceramic siren or warning lamp;
  • relay outputs (galvanically separated from the module) for opening and closing state – can control fans, contactors, etc;
  • relay output for failure state (galvanically separated from the module) – no power supply or valve opening/closing, power failure.

Block diagram

Offered models

Model Maximum number of detectors Power supply backup Supply voltage Net price C.g.
MD-X.ZM 230VAC PLN619.00 S
Model Maximum number of detectors Alarm control outputs 12VDC Contact control outputs Emergency control output Output controlling the shut-off valve Alarm inputs Analogue 4-20mA output Analogue 2-10V output Digital RS-485 output Mounting on a TS35 rail Power supply backup Supply voltage Dimensions Net price C.g.
MD-X.ZM 2 2 2 230VAC 240 x 215 x 120 mm PLN619.00 S