GAZEX Brand Manufacturer Service
GAZEX / Manufacturer Service
ul. Baletowa 16, 02-867 Warszawa, NIP: 5210447566

Scope of maintenance services:
  1. calibration of detectors and sensor modules manufactured by GAZEX
  2. installation of equipment and wiring of stationary installations containing GAZEX products
  3. maintenance of equipment manufactured by GAZEX
  4. operational checks (including periodical inspections) of stationary installations equipped with GAZEX products
  5. post-warranty repairs of devices manufactured by GAZEX
  6. technical consultations in the field of selection and operation of portable detectors and gas concentration meters offered by GAZEX
  7. technical consulting on selection and arrangement of devices manufactured by GAZEX for stationary gas detection systems
  8. warranty repairs of devices manufactured by GAZEX

Authorized Services